why you need more gelatin EVERYDAY!!

So, I might have mentioned in previous posts that lots of our wonderful customers have been asking about gelatin based products. Why you may ask? Because of all the good bits, of course.

The Good Bits – Benefits of Gelatin

1. Supports skin health – looks after hair, skin and nails; promotes elasticity and firmness; can contribute to softer and smoother skin; can reduce aging of skin and wrinkles.

2. Excellent protein source – can repair damaged muscles; contribute to building lean muscle; promote wound healing.

3. Aids gut health – can repair lining of the stomach; helps reduce food sensitivities; assists in detoxification; binds with water to assist in efficient movement of food through digestive system; stimulates gastric juices.

4. Ease joint pain – stimulates cell growth to form new tissues; studies have shown may decrease inflammation of the joint such as arthritis; helps restore joint integrity; assists in mobility and range of movement.

5. Control blood sugar – limited studies show that one of the abundant amino acids found in collagen , glycine, may assist in controlling blood sugar levels.

6. Maintains healthy bones – amino acid, lysine, assists with calcium absorption, increasing bone density and restoring bone health.

7. Improve sleep – amino acid, glycine, is found to assist in enhancing sleep, reducing daytime tiredness and improving the quality of your memory.

8. Promotes weight management – as well as being low calorie, the protein assists in you feeling full for longer and stabilises blood sugar so you don’t get the 3pm hangries.

9. Helps with balancing hormones – assists in offsetting the effects of excess estrogen which can cause inflammation, infertility and accelerated aging.

How much do I take?

Most products recommend 1 – 3 tablespoons a day. There is limited research on the long term effects of collagen supplementation, however, there is no current evidence to suggest there are risks associated with taking collagen or gelatin every day or even with every meal.

However, to ensure you are giving your body the best chance to benefit from an increase in gelatin or collagen intake, make sure you use a quality product that has been sourced from animals that were well looked after.

Our staff at Go Natural Foods will be more than happy to help you choose the right sort of gelatin product for your specific needs.

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