Why We Are Here


What gets us out of bed every day?

Our customers, every single one of them. From the visitor that will walk in the door or visit our website for the first time today to the customers who have continued to come back since we opened in 2005.

We believe we are more than just an organic and natural grocery store. 

We strive to create a hub for people of all walks of life to comfortably explore, experiment and embrace the potential of living a “cleaner” life. Through the products we sell and the information we provide we are committed to encouraging a healthful lifestyle, with fantastic tasting whole foods and non-toxic, sustainable home and beauty products.

And how do we make sure we sleep at night?

By knowing that we have challenged ourselves to look after our customers, our products and our environment.

We do this by committing every day to:

Our people

  • Our customers are valued in every interaction
  • Our staff are informed, empathetic and efficient
  • Every visitor to the store is listened to and treated with respect

Our products

  • We source quality organic and natural products from quality producers
  • We offer a comprehensive, diverse and unique range of quality items that meet our customers healthy lifestyle needs

Our environment

  • Continuously improve our processes and practices to reduce our impact on the planet
  • We support producers that are socially responsible and maintain sustainable practices


Everything that Go Natural stands for is about making sure we create an enjoyable experience for every visitor to our store. This is at the core of everything that we do.

And the only way that we know how to do this is to: 


A constant conversation with our customers, our suppliers, with the industry and each other is part of what makes Go Natural Foods the warm, welcoming place we are proud to be a part of.


Questioning and learning is the key to all great human endeavour. If we all try to learn just a little bit every day and question just a little bit every day we can make sure we are providing quality information and quality products to every visitor to our store.


How can anyone not be enthusiastic about being involved in an industry that is all about looking after yourself, your family and the planet!


Every interaction, action and decision is based on respect for every customer, supplier, visitor and employee and the stories they bring to our store; of the community that we live and work; and of the responsibility that we all have to look after our environment.


To everything!! To change! To new people and new things! It is how we discover what we are capable of achieving for our customers, ourselves and our community.

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