A natural & organic grocery store

A natural & organic grocery store full of great tasting food & sustainable products.

We also happen to believe great tasting food should be great for you as well. We specialise in organic and natural foods and products, as well as, gluten free, diary free, vegan and vegetarian foods, with a splash of gourmet.

Why organic?

Organic food is good for the land, the farmer, the environment and us. Organic farming is based on quality soil fertility, sustainable farming practices, animal welfare and zero use of GMO’s and synthetic chemicals, hormones and antibiotics. More people worldwide are turning to organics because they believe organic food is better for them, and recent research suggests they are right. Apart from reducing your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, organic foods can contain higher levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Of course, we also think organic foods just tastes better!

Fruit and Vegetables

The fresh produce we stock is certified organic and is replenished via regular deliveries throughout the week. We are proud to source local organic produce, as much as the seasons allow.

Meat, Seafood and Dairy

Our tasty range of organic meats including beef, lamb, chicken, and turkey, as well as, free range nitrate free ham and bacon are all sourced from Queensland farmers and producers. If you fancy something from the sea, we have organic and wild seafood options.
From organic grass-fed butter from dairy country in Victoria, to organic speciality cheeses from South Australia to Queensland organic milk, cream and yoghurts, we have an extensive range of dairy products too.

Breads and Biscuits

We receive regular deliveries of fresh bread throughout the week. Organic sourdough, ancient grains, gluten free, paleo, sprouted, there are options for everyone.
We also stock a range of wraps, crispbreads and savoury crackers that can suit most dietary requirements, as well as, a good choice of indulgent organic and gluten free sweet biscuits.

Pantry to Fridge

We have everything you could possibly want to keep in your cupboard and fridge to cook up a storm whenever you get the urge! Organic herbs and spices (some you have never even heard of before); salts and other seasonings; bone broths and stocks; pulses, rice, ancient grains and flours; pastas and noodles; tinned fish; chutneys, sauces, curries, oils (nut and plant), vinegars, ghee, mayo, mustards and dressings; fresh Australian fermented foods – sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, tempeh; antipasto and gourmet delicacies; nut butters, jam, honey and other sweeteners; sprouting seeds; baking mixes and a very large range of breakfast granola and muesli.

Bulk Foods

If you want to reduce your impact on the environment and reduce packaging in your kitchen we have a broad range of food on offer in our bulk bin section. Organic dried fruit; activated and raw nuts and seeds; pulses, lentils, rice and quinoa; mueslis; trail mixes; protein powders; salts and bicarb sodas; flours (stoneground, gluten free, coconut, nut options); sugars and chocolate goodies.


We have a fridge stocked full of kombucha and other fermented bottles of goodness, such as apple cider vinegar drinks and turmeric drinks. Our organic tea range is a tea lover’s paradise, sooooo many choices, you could drink tea for years and still not try every concoction. We stock organic coffee and caffeine alternatives, as well as latte mixes. Chai, matcha, turmeric, cacao, beetroot, something for every day. Plus, an array of juices that offer the nourishing goodness of fruits and vegetables.
We also have an Alkafill self-serve alkaline iodized drinking water machine in-store.

Gluten & Dairy Free

We have curated our range to ensure there is are gluten and dairy free options for all your pantry food choices. Breads, biscuits, crackers, wraps, baking mixes, breakfast muesli and granola, noodles and pasta, flour – if you are avoiding gluten in your diet, we’ve got you covered. If you don’t consume dairy, you certainly won’t miss out here. We stock a range of goat and sheep cheese and yoghurt, as well as, nut cheeses, butter, milk and cream. And, of course, a range of non-dairy ice cream and chocolate.
We also have coconut based products galore – coconut yoghurt, butters, oils, cream, milk, chocolate, wraps, as well as, coconut ice cream!

Vegan and Vegetarian

We offer dried pulses, beans, lentils and rice in our bulk bin area. If you don’t feel like preparing your own pulses, we stock a great range of canned products, including canned meals and soups. We also offer ready-made vegan meals and vegan “meats” including jackfruit. The specialty vegan mayo’s, pesto’s, sauces and cheeses are a great accompaniment to any meal. For those customers, that just need an easy protein hit we have an extensive range of vegan friendly protein powders as well.

Body and Beauty

We have all the natural and organic products you would need to pamper yourself and look amazing. Soaps and bath salts; body wash and lotions; castile soap including in bulk; hair care and hair colour; feminine hygiene products; toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant and sun care. Look after your face and body with our beautiful skin care ranges from Saya, Andalou Naturals, Lavera, MooGoo, Aromacare and more. Nourish the skin with jojoba, vitamin e, rosehip and hemp oils. We also have an amazing range of makeup for every age and skin condition. Beautiful products from Eye of Horus, Ere Perez, Benecos, ecominerals, and more.
Don’t’ forget about the little ones. We have natural and organic baby products – bath; creams; wipes and nappies.
So you feel comfortable all day we also stock the full range of organic bamboo Boody underwear and activewear, as well as, Boody babywear.

Household products

We have natural and eco-friendly cleaning products for all chores and parts of the home, including bulk options; eco cleaning utensils; paper products for all activities from kitchen to bathroom; kitchenware and cookware; kombucha and kefir making; nut milk bags; reusable produce bags and an array of moroccan straw baskets to bring all your shopping home in. And we don’t forget about the furry children either. We have pet food available as well.

The Fun Stuff

Chips, ice cream, chocolate!!! Organic, natural, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo……. we have enough fun treats for everyone.
We also think books are fun too! We stock a diverse range of cookbooks and resource books to inspire you in the kitchen and beyond!

Supplements and Superfoods

Want to harness the goodness that nature can offer? We have a broad and diverse range of supplements and superfood products that can help boost your health and vitality. From sea superfoods to gelatin and collagen to greens powders to bentonite clay and activated charcoal, to name but a few.
If you are needing some health support, we provide a range of premium quality therapeutic vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements.
We also stock pure essential oils suitable for vaporisers and carrier oils.

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