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try something new in August……lupin

Looking for a tasty porridge alternative for winter? Perhaps you’d like to add a little extra protein to your muffins or increase the fibre intake of your recovery smoothie?

Enter Lupin, a legume relative of the peanut that is amazingly low in carbohydrates, yet high in protein and completely gluten free.

Lupin is also…

  • An extremely rich source of plant based protein and dietary fibre.
  • High in essential amino acids needed for muscle recovery and growth.
  • Very low in phytic acid with less gut irritation than other legumes.
  • Richly satiating with appetite suppressing qualities.
  • Shown to reduce blood pressure and help reduce glycaemic load of carbohydrate based foods.
  • Helpful in aiding bowel health and treating constipation.
  • A great source of prebiotic to feed our healthy gut flora.
  • Gluten free, low GI and non GM.
  • Extremely sustainable; its growth requires minimal watering and chemical fertilisers.
  • Grown mainly on Australian soil.

How can I use lupin?

  1. Add 1 tbs lupin flakes to your smoothie to boost the protein and fibre content.
  2. Crumb fish or chicken with lupin flakes then shallow fry for a crispy and delicious crumb.
  3. Use half and half lupin flour to ordinary or gluten free flour in cake, muffin and biscuit recipes to pump up the mineral and antioxidant levels. A great one for kids to supercharge their lunchbox treats.
  4. Add ¼ cup of lupin flakes to your favourite curry or stew to thicken and help satiate.
  5. For breakfast, try this lupin, coconut and apple breakfast bake to start your day with more protein and fibre

We stock various lupin products…

  • Lupin Flour (great for baking)
  • Lupin Protein Cookie Pre-Mixes
  • Lupin Crumbing Mix (ready to coat your fish and chicken)
  • Super Lupin Protein Power Bar Pre-Mixes
  • Super Lupin Turmeric Rice

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