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what is moringa?

With 25 times more iron than spinach, 17 times more calcium than cow’s milk and double the potassium of bananas, Moringa powder is an incredibly nutrient dense food source.

Native to India but now grown worldwide, this Ayurvedic tree has been touted with nicknames such as ‘vitamin tree’ and ‘miracle moringa’ because its leaves contain an incredibly diverse and rich array of minerals and antioxidants.

You will find generally find Moringa comes in a powdered form created from the leaf of the tree.

So why try Moringa powder?

  • Rich in vitamin C, as well as containing potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, Moringa may be beneficial to those suffering acne, psoriasis or other hair and skin complaints.
  • It can help boost and rebuild energy after illnesses.
  • With its high levels of iron, calcium, vitamin C, protein and vitamin A it may help restore vitamin and mineral imbalances.
  • Can help reduce inflammation thanks to isothiocyanates (specific anti-inflammatory compounds)
  • Assists in building and repairing muscle as Moringa contains 18 amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids, making it a great protein source.

How to use Moringa powder?

Taking a daily dose of Moringa is super simple. Just mix one to two teaspoons of powder into fresh water or juice  and you are ready to go.

Or get creative and try…

Mixing  1 to 2 teaspoons into your daily smoothie or fresh juice. It blends in particularly well with green or fruit based smoothies.

Making Moringa tea:  dissolve a teaspoon of powder in hot water and stir well. Sweeten if desired.

Blending into your favourite green dip, such as guacamole to hide some extra nutrition among that creamy goodness.

Adding a couple of teaspoons to your baking batter before putting in oven. Be prepared for a tinge of green to your goodies.

Stirring it into your favourite soups, casseroles, tagines, dahls and even salad dressings.

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