egan sprouted bread toastie italian style

vegan sprouted bread toastie italian-style

Everyone loves a toastie!!! Using nutrient dense sprouted bread, this gourmet toastie is an easy, healthy lunch to impress both family and friends.

makes 2 toasties

what you need

4 slices sprouted bread (I used Pure Life Bakery Rye)
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 small sweet potato
2 marinated artichoke hearts, sliced thinly
1/2 cup basil cashew cheese
handful baby spinach
1 ripe tomato, sliced
1/2 tsp oregano
good quality sea salt and cracked black pepper

basil cashew cheese

250 grams cashews, soaked 7 hours
Juice of 1 lemon or lime
100 ml  vegetable stock
150ml olive or macadamia nut oil
1 tsp sea salt
½ bunch fresh basil, leaves torn and stems discarded

what to do

For the basil cashew cheese, blend all ingredients in a high speed blender then set aside.

Preheat oven to 180°C. Cut sweet potato into 1cm rounds and place in a single layer onto a lined baking tray. Place in the oven and cook for 25 – 30 mins or until cooked through and starting to brown. Remove from oven.

Heat coconut oil in a frypan on moderate heat. Toast both side of the sprouted bread until browned and crunchy. Once toasted, remove from pan.

To assemble the sandwiches, spread a thin layer of the cashew cheese onto the bottom layer of toasted bread. Then layer the artichoke hearts and sliced tomato, sprinkle with oregano and season with salt and pepper.

Then layer enough baby spinach to cover sandwich, add a layer of sweet potato and then spoon over enough basil cashew cheese to cover the sweet potato. Top with the other piece of toasted sprouted bread.

Cut in half, serve and enjoy!


The Basil Cashew Cheese is also used in our vegan lasagne (recipe here). The recipe makes about 2 cups of cheese. Use the leftover cashew cheese on other sandwich toppings, add to soups or stews or can be used as a creamy salad dressing.

Recipe by Kristin J for go natural foods

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