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try something new in july….sprouted bread

Sprouted bread is definitely something you should add to your life’s ‘must try’ foody list.

Apart from being very tasty, sprouted bread is a life force of vitamins, minerals and fibre, as well as, being extremely gentle on digestion. It is a great bread alternative at this time of year when we crave all things toasted!!

What exactly is sprouted bread?

Sprouted breads are made from activated and sprouted whole grains and seeds. The whole grains and seeds are first soaked then allowed to sprout for up to 72 hours. They are then carefully ground and hand shaped into loaves.  The loaves are baked slowly on a very low heat to ensure the preservation of as many nutrients as possible.

What are the benefits of eating sprouted bread?

Gentle on digestion: sprouting grains breaks down and greatly reduces the phytic acid and gluten responsible for causing digestive upset in sensitive individuals. Many people who cannot tolerate regular bread, or even sourdough, can often find they can enjoy a slice of sprouted bread without issue.

Higher level of nutrients:  sprouted grains have typically more fibre, b vitamins, zinc, vitamin c and folate and can be absorbed more readily by our bodies than regular grains. Eating a slice of sprouted bread can help give you the energy you need to power through a day as sprouted grains have also been shown to balance blood sugar levels.

Improves gut health: sprouted bread is an excellent source of prebiotics, a type of starch that’s been shown to support healthy digestive function and feed the strains of good bacteria in our gut. By pairing your sprouted bread with a source of probiotic such as cashew cheese, sauerkraut, kim chi, miso or other fermented goodies and you can support healthy digestion and boost your overall immunity.

How can I eat sprouted bread?

Sprouted bread is incredibly dense compared to other bread types. For best results, use a sharp, wet knife and slice thinly as a little goes a long way (it is very filling!). Toasting sprouted bread brings out the natural flavours and is perfect paired with any of your favourite toppings,  alongside a steaming hot bowl of soup or for the ultimate treat, as an indulgent toasted sandwich. See recipe here.

Here are some topping ideas to get you started…

  • Almond butter and sliced banana
  • Avocado, turkey ham and cranberry jam
  • Curried egg and sunflower sprouts
  • Beetroot hummus, avocado and feta cheese
  • Peanut butter with pomegranate arils and cacao nibs
  • Miso, sliced apple and hemp seeds

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written by Emma H for go natural foods

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