try something new for easter…..swap cacao for carob

It’s Easter, a time of year where we end up devouring far too many chocolate eggs (well, someone has to parent up and share the kids’ stash!).

Instead of overindulging this year on the usual cacao based treats, why not try carob, a healthy and very tasty alternative.

Carob looks like cacao, has a similar texture to cacao, yet tastes much sweeter on its own and offers an array of health benefits. One of the most exciting reasons to try carob is that unlike cacao, it doesn’t contain the stimulants of caffeine and theobromine that can impact our sleep, hormones and appearance.

Carob powder is derived from the carob pod which is then either roasted or left raw and ground into a fine powder. It can be used to replace cacao in your favourite desserts or turned into smooth creamy bars of mouth-watering carob.

tell me more about the benefits….

Carob is
• rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.
• suitable for young children thanks to its absence of caffeine and theobromine.
• has a naturally sweet flavour that requires no other sweetener to make it taste delicious.
• helps to balance blood sugar levels thanks to its insoluble fibre content. Just be careful not to overdo it as it does contain some naturally occurring sugars.
• high in dietary fibre to help relieve constipation and keep digestive system working effectively.

how can I use it?

Try adding carob powder to:
• smoothies and smoothie bowls
• baked goods and pancake batter
• sprinkled on yoghurt or ice cream (or make your own carob ice cream)
• made into a hot carob drink by whisking 2 teaspoons of powder into your milk of choice.
• chia puddings
• protein balls
Or just add instead to any recipe that calls for cocoa or cacao.

As an Easter treat for yourself or a loved one, check out our delicious Carob Kitchen Banjo Easter Eggs and mini eggs made from 100% Australian organic carob powder with no added sweeteners.

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