try something new in june...bone broth

try something new…..bone broth

Now that we are getting into the cooler months, it is the perfect time to make the most of mineral rich bone broth, or, as we like to call it, ‘liquid gold’.

what is bone broth?

Essentially, bone broth is made by simmering animal bones (most commonly beef, lamb, pork and chicken) along with vegetables and herbs for a minimum of 10-12 hours either in a slow cooker or on the stove top. Once cooled, the fat is skimmed off the top, the liquid is drained of solid matter and the resulting juices are known as ‘bone broth’.

Using bones from organic, grass fed animals, will ensure your bone broth is of the highest quality and free from any hormones, antibiotics or pesticide residues.

why bone broth?

Collagen is a powerful ingredient in bone broth and responsible for the healing and regeneration of our hair, skin, nails and tissues. When animal bones are cooked over a long period of time, the collagen is released into the cooking water, along with amino acids and essential minerals. Find out more about collagen and its amazing benefits here.

Bone broth can help soothe digestive conditions and assist in the healing of a “leaky gut”.

Thanks to the richness of minerals and amino acids found in bone broth, it can also assist in boosting your immune system to help prevent those traditional winter bugs from striking. All great reasons to include bone broth in your winter diet.

how can I incorporate bone broth into my diet?

The most beautiful thing about bone broth is its versatility. It can literally be used in any recipe that requires liquid; you just have to think outside the box.

Here are 6 ideas to get you started:

  • Use in soups, stews, casseroles and curries as a base instead of water or your usual stock.
  • Make yourself a gut busting smoothie with bone broth as your liquid medium (or combine with other liquids). For best results use slightly chilled or frozen cubes of bone broth.
  • Just sip on a cup of pure bone broth or add in a handful of chopped herbs or veggies. It’s like a cup of instant soup, just far more nutritious and satiating. Try chopped ginger or garlic, fresh coriander, a squeeze of lemon or just sea salt and pepper.
  • Use bone broth to cook your rice, quinoa, buckwheat or other grains by means of absorption. Just use in place of water at a ratio of 1:1.
  • Instead of boiled water, add bone broth to your morning cup of tea or coffee to create a nourishing and energising morning brew.
  • If you are using a bone-broth concentrate, you can even add a tablespoon to your baking. We have a great immune boosting pumpkin scone recipe here.

If you’re pressed for time, why not try our ready-made bone broth concentrates or powders? All the hard work has been done for you. Simply add a spoon to any of the above to create your own instant bone broth. Ask in store to see our wide range of ready-made bone broth flavours.

Or to make your own liquid gold, check out our beef bone broth recipe here.

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by Emma Hansen for go natural foods

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