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top 5 wellness teas for winter

In this cooler weather, it can be easy to forget to stay hydrated. If you don’t feel like drinking cold beverages, a warm cup of herbal tea is a great alternative.

Nourishing herbal teas not only help to hydrate and warm your body but you also gain the therapeutic benefits of the ingredients. Here are our top five favourite tea blends to sustain you in great health throughout winter…

Hilda Hemmes Cold Rid:

Cold-Rid combines the traditional herbs lime tree, meadowsweet, elderflower and rosehip. These herbs when taken together are super rich in vitamin C and may assist in reducing the length and severity of colds, flu and upper respiratory infections.

Pukka Lemon, Ginger and Manuka Honey

This is a tea to create a moment of bliss, as you sit back and settle in to the spicy-sweet zest of sun-ripened whole Sicilian lemons, slow-dried ginger root and FairWild elderflowers. Top it off with the antiviral benefits and subtle sweetness of Manuka honey and you’re in heaven. This tea blend is naturally caffeine free and ingredients are organic and ethically sourced.

Love Tea Immunity Tea

Herbs including Echinacea root, ginger and rosehip have been carefully selected by a qualified naturopath to support the immune system. With subtle hints of sweet liquorice and vitalising elements of zesty ginger and fresh lemongrass, this grounding earthy blend will lift your spirits and nourish your body.

Planet Organics Energy Tea

If you find it hard to get moving on a cool winter’s morning, wake up with an energising tea blend of certified organic echinacea, siberian ginseng, rooibos, licorice root and cinnamon to help stimulate your body and mind. Energy herbal tea can be enjoyed throughout the day whenever you feel the need to recharge.

Love Tea Skin Glow

Winter is notorious for drying condition that deplete moisture and leave us with dry, flaky and inflamed skin – no thanks! Skin Glow is a smooth and refreshing minty blend of organic botanicals to support healthy, clear skin. Herbs in this blend include calendula, red clover and burdock root to help reduce inflammation, improve clearance of toxins and filter impurities from the skin and blood. Drink a cup or two of this daily to have your skin glow!

written by Emma H for go natural foods



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