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keeping the family safe in the sun

To enjoy the amazing colour, light and atmosphere of a Queensland summer I am pretty extreme when it comes to sun safety. If the sun is out and I need to be in it, I refuse to leave the house without my ridiculously broad brimmed hat and long sleeved green cotton shirt (a complete fashion faux pas).

I , of course, also make it my primary job to protect and preserve the precious skin of my fair-skinned tribe of 6. I don’t think I’d be very popular if I put a ban on the outdoors for 3 months, so we’ve managed to compromise by finding balance between enjoying all Hervey Bay has to offer whilst still being safe in the sun.

These simple and straightforward tips have worked for me so far in keeping my kids’ fair skin clear of potential sun damage.

  • We ALWAYS wear a hat.I keep spares in the car in case someone forgets. If your are at the Torquay beach and happen to forget your hat, Go Natural Foods stocks some beautiful and highly fashionable hats for both adults and kids.
  • We avoid the sun between 10am and 3pm. When you have active kids, this can be quite hard. Rather than not go out at all, we tend to plan trips to the beach or park in the early morning or late afternoon so we’re home for the hot part of the day. I believe, the beach is more spectacular (and less busy) at these times and we always get a prime spot for our umbrella.
  • Slather on the natural sunscreen 30+ or greater. I know it can feel icky but it’s one of the best ways to stop the UV rays from penetrating the skin. My 10 year old literally runs screaming from the room when I whip out the bottle – he despises it that much. However, now we have started using We Are Feel Good Inc. Coconut Sunscreen 50+, he whinges much less – it really absorbs beautifully. And I try to remember to reapply every two hours and after swimming.
  • Slide on some cool shades. I am conscious of protecting their eyes from the damaging harsh light, as much as, their skin.
  • Cover up. So we may not look like the coolest family out there but I try to get the kids to wear light cotton long sleeved shirts or UV swimming shirts if we’re going to be out during danger times. They may roll their eyes but at I’m fairly certain they’ll be thanking me in their adult years.

Now for the suncreen……….

If you’re like me, you have spent a small fortune trying to find the right chemical free sunscreen with a perfect balance between effectiveness, absorption and natural ingredients.

Here are 5 of my favourites…

      1. We Are Feel Good Inc SPF 50+ in Coconut, Signature and Sensitive:

I love this sunscreen as you can use it on babies from 6 months. It is one of few low chemical sunscreens that isn’t based on zinc oxide so it absorbs quickly and leaves little residue – you can barely tell you’re wearing any. It contains no oxybenzone, octinoxate, pabas or parabens. It terms of smell, the sensitive is fragrance free while the coconut has a delicious tropical scent that transports me to an idyllic beach. This sunscreen is great for those that prefer a lighter formula and aren’t sensitive to UV filters.

      1. MooGoo Natural Sunscreen SPF 40

This is an excellent sunscreen as it is based purely on zinc oxide which acts as a reflective umbrella to the UV rays but rubs in clear so you aren’t left looking like a ghost. It’s perfect for young babies through to adults and those with sensitive skin.

      1. Grahams SunClear Sunscreen SPF 30+

A true tried and tested product, Grahams is a favourite for those wishing to steer clear of any chemical or synthetic ingredients as it contains only zinc oxide with natural plant based oils. These oils are especially good for those suffering eczema or psoriasis or particularly sensitive skin. It is 2 hours water resistant.

      1. Natural Instinct Kids Natural Sunscreen SPF 30

Another winner on the natural ingredients front, this amazing range is also based on zinc oxide in a base jojoba oil and shea butter. It is formulated for kid’s more sensitive or delicate skin and , when applied, you can see a protective white layer so you can be sure you have not missed a spot!

      1. WotNot 30+

Just like Grahams, this award winning sunscreen uses zinc in a base of nourishing oils and is designed for irritated and sensitive skin types. In a base of beeswax and aloe vera, this gives great protection from both UVA and UVB harmful rays.

And a very special mention …….. to the new SURFPASTE that’s not long landed on our shelf. If you or your family spend a lot of time in the water during warm summer months, this beautiful certified organic tinted paste provides high protection from both UV rays.  Of all the formulas, it contains the highest level of Zinc Oxide at 38% and has been particularly formulated for outdoor and water sports. It applies very evenly and can even be used as a makeup replacement for your tinted moisturiser!

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written by Emma H for go natural foods

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