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september 2018 tasting event_sourdough heaven

Who doesn’t love (secretly or otherwise) a peanut butter sandwich? Or are you more of a marmalade on toast type of person?  Or would you bypass the bread altogether and just eat the peanut butter straight out of the jar???

Well, last Saturday 22nd September, we had a lot of very happy customers at this month’s instore tasting who were able to enjoy the simple food pleasures in life.

We were showcasing the fresh sourdough bread options that we can order in for our customers on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Healthybake, Bills Organic Bakery and Sol Organic Bakery generously supplied some of their new and old sourdough favourites from ancient grains to hemp to quinoa rye and more.

It was an artisan bread lovers delight.

If you are like me, the fresh sourdough in various styles and flavours would have been satisfying enough. But we made sure that there was something for those who like a bit of extra flavour on their bread.

Enter Byron Bay Peanut Butter Co. This peanut butter required no explanation. It was all in the flavour. Handmade in Byron Bay from 100% Australian peanuts. The butter is so full of flavour, some customers couldn’t believe there was nothing else added except a sprinkle of sea salt. However, there was some discussion around the crunchy vs smooth debate. People can be passionate about this very serious topic!

We also had the pleasure of showcasing the Ugly Duck Preserves range. There is such a great philosophy behind this business that is backed up by great tasting jams and relishes. All Ugly Duck preserves are made from produce the farmers are unable to sell and would normally have to throw away. So the jams, relishes and sauces that are created are all seasonal and sourced from farms in South East Queensland. The favourite on the day was a tie between the Beetroot Rhubarb relish (perfect for everything from a cheese platter to a salad dressing – very yummy) and the Jaboticaba paste (again perfect for the cheese platter or just on a piece of toast).

The perfect pair with the amazing pastes from Ugly Duck was the Marci Foods biscotti. I think all our customers who attended the tasting would agree that these biscotti deserve a place in every household pantry, ready to be added to your next party platter or alongside your afternoon cup of tea. Beautiful flavours from Fig and Pepperberry to Sticky Date and Ginger to Cranberry, Rosemary and Sea Salt, these biscotti will be on our Go Natural recommended summer party foods list.

Whilst the guilty pleasure of tasting peanut butter straight off the spoon would have been enough for some. We decided that it was not a Go Natural tasting without something slightly indulgent to finish off. If there was a winner for the day, I think it would have to be the Vegan Raw Choc Peanut Butter slice. Yes, it tastes as amazing as it sounds. If you are interested, the recipe is here.

Thank you again to all our customers, new and regular, who supported this month’s tasting. It is always a pleasure for us to talk to you about businesses that create great tasting food that is also great for you as well.

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