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october 2018 tasting event_a gut busting bonanza

It was a major boost to gut health for customers who sampled all manner of goodies at last Saturday’s October taste testing.

We had tasty probiotic rich superfood bars (for adults AND kids), immune boosting broths and sleep inducing Lunar Lattes served with creamy warm coconut milk. Also up for sampling were melt in the mouth gluten free crackers with decadent cashew cheese in four amazing flavours. All washed down with sparkling prebiotic Kreol drinks – Delicious!

A very big thank you to those customers who ventured down to support the event and who gave great feedback on all products, as well as to our very generous suppliers-Nutra Organics, Kreol, Mary’s Gone Crackers and Nutty Bay.

As always we had set up the table with savoury delights at one end and sweet treats at the other so customers could strategically work their way along to end on a sweet note. There Nutra Organics vegetarian broths in garden vegetable and mushroom generated an excited response from everyone, especially vegans and vegetarians who had been eagerly awaiting a bone broth alternative that can give them nutritive benefits sans the animal products. And they certainly didn’t disappoint with a base of organic vegetables, highly potent sea mineral complex, red miso, functional mushrooms and so much more.

“Wow these just melt in the mouth” and “oh my gosh, these aren’t like any gluten free cracker I’ve had before!” were both exclaimed by customers as they eagerly bit into Mary’s Gone Crackers gluten free Thins and Super Seed range. Obviously they were a hit! Many were surprised that given the rich flavour and texture, that these crackers were filled with sprouted grains and seeds without any hidden preservatives or other additives.

Paired perfectly with the crackers, was Nutty Bay Cashew Cheese which sparked all manner of ooohs and ahhhs. The probiotic rich, creamy and flavoursome dips were so popular that we had jar after jar walking out the door. The main issue was for customers to select which flavour to purchase as all four were dangerously good. It seems perhaps the garlic was the overarching hit of the day as people shared suggestions on the many dishes you could serve it with (noodles, soups, nachos, salads..the list goes on).

For those who crave a warm, calming night time cuppa to help them wind down and sleep like a baby, Nutra Organics Lunar Lattes invoked much excitement. Many customers were most surprised by the aroma and flavour of this sweet, warm and comforting beverage in a base on prebiotic rich Jeruselum artichoke. Added in with a mixture of purple carrot, chamomile and lavender flowers and stress adapting reishi mushroom and ashwaganda, we were easily out of stock by the end of the tasting.

To complement the richness of the other flavours, customers whetted their palates with sparkling Kreol prebiotic drinks. With three flavours to choose from, it seemed fruity passionfruit and orange was a favourite although the Mango, Lime and Turmeric and the Lemon, Ginger and Manuka Honey were also crowd pleasers. Another refreshing high quality drink range to help boost gut health and cool us down as the days heat up.

Finally as always, no tasting is complete without a sweet treat to end. What better disguise for a sweet treat than Nutra Organics superfood bars filled with fermented prebiotic seeds and grains, alkalising green and red powders, coconut oil and dark chocolate? We certainly had people needing to do a second round of tasting on each of the five bars to select a favourite and it wasn’t just the younger samplers who decided the kiddy-sized Berry Yum Biotics bars would make the perfect addition to their daily lunch boxes.

Thank you again to those who supported us on the day. We love sharing amazing and nourishing products and inspiring customers on their wellness paths. Stay tuned for our final tasting of the year coming soon.

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