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I can’t believe my luck, a chocolate product that tastes sensational, uses quality sustainable ingredients and is actually good for you. Little Zebra Chocolates have come up with a winning combination of ingredients that take guilt-free indulgence to the next level!

All Little Zebra chocolates are sweetened with 100% xylitol. Xylitol is derived from birch trees and corn cobs, and tastes just like sugar without the blood sugar spikes or negative impact on dental health. In fact, xylitol has been shown to improve oral health, strengthen teeth and prevent plaque which is why it is often found in natural based toothpastes.

With a preference for ‘the darker, the better’, I  found the level of rich dark cacao in Little Zebra’s vegan chocolates balanced perfectly with its other ingredients. These include cacao mass, cacao butter and organic Rooibos combined with exotic flavours like Tahitian Lime, Ginger Supreme and Chai Supreme. Yum!

Little Zebra also have a new Hemp Delight range, as well as, a Chocolate Crunch range. Imagine biting into chocolate, delicately flavoured with spices such as nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and cloves with the addition of omega rich hemp seeds and oil? Or, if you prefer a textural chocolate, each enjoyable mouthful of their ‘Crunch’ range, contains a crispy blend of cacao nibs or toasted hemp seeds to delight the senses. Oh my!

With 4 children, who won’t let ANYTHING get past them when it comes to yummy treats, I wanted something they could happily enjoy without the occasionally stimulating effects of cacao. Carob is often a much more suitable and healthful alternative for sensitive young children as it doesn’t contain the stimulants, caffeine and theobromine, which is found in cacao.

Enter Little Zebra Luxury Carob Buttons. Made from organic Australian grown carob powder in flavours, such as mint, orange, lime, coconut, these carob buttons will please a variety of little (and big) tastebuds. Here’s to say, I’d opened the packet and 3 minutes later, the entire tribe has demolished every last tasty little button.

Little Zebra products are lovingly handcrafted and made in Australia from locally sourced ingredients. They can be enjoyed by all ages as well as vegans, vegetarians, people with gluten, lactose and soy intolerances, diabetics and anyone seeking lower GI and carbohydrate chocolates.

If you haven’t experienced Little Zebra vegan chocolate or carob buttons, you are missing out. Every time they bring out a new flavour or range we, at go natural foods, are consistently impressed with how they have created a sugar free chocolate that can match, in flavour and texture, the best raw vegan chocolate on the market. Well done Little Zebra!!

Written by Emma H for go natural foods

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