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july 2018 tasting event_a superfood bonanza

It was another successful Saturday tasting! Thank you to all the producers who supplied their amazing products and our wonderful customers for supporting the event.

It is great to be able to give our customers the opportunity to experience the different and the new, when it comes to healthy and tasty food.

This month we showcased a broad range of products that it would have been hard for someone not to find something they were interested in (even if it was just the yummy raw vegan chocolate).

We learnt about Teelixir functional mushrooms, in particular, the anti-stress super mushroom Reishi and the brain boosting Lion’s Mane. Customers had the opportunity to try these mushrooms on their own or in a maca cacao latte mix. We also supplemented our own immune-boosting chicken noodle soup (recipe here) with some reishi just to showcase how easy it is to include functional mushrooms into your life. Soup on a winter’s day was definitely appreciated.

To follow up, we toasted the Pure Life Bakery Organic Multiseed with Hemp sprouted bread and the 6 Seed gluten free sprouted bread. Crunchy, chewy and dense all at the same time, the breads were definitely a hit! Sprouted bread is minimally processed and full of nutrients.  I believe we converted more than a few customers to add this bread to their “must-have” weekly shopping list.

Customers were then able to top their toasted sprouted bread with Everymite spread. An organic allergy friendly alternative to good ole vegemite. This spread was created by a mother for a son who loved vegemite but due to his allergies was unable to. Kids are honest critics and we had a few on the day who were reluctant to try anything that would be considered “healthy” (Oh no!!). But once they were convinced to give it a go, their mums ended up walking out the door with a jar of Everymite in hand. Made with black sesame seeds, coconut aminos, apple cider vinegar and Himalayan rock salt, the customers were very impressed with how much flavour you can get with minimal ingredients.

And, of course, what is a meal without dessert. We showcased Wildcrafted Living Food SuperOrbs vegan superfood truffles and Mandalas raw vegan chocolate. I believe the consensus opinion from the customers on the day was “YUM!”. I’m not sure that I can add to that other than we always like to finish our customers tasting experience on a high note and the Wildcrafted products certainly did their job.

Once again, thank you to everyone that supported the event. It is always great fun to share knowledge and great food with our customers. See you all next month on 25th August for our next in-store tasting.










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