What to do with leftovers

how not to waste christmas day leftovers

Christmas day has come and gone and, as usual, you have prepared way more food than you could eat. So unless you want to be eating a replica of Christmas lunch every day for the next week, you are probably looking for some tasty ways to cleverly disguise the old roast veggies, cold turkey and wilting salads.

We have such plentiful access to food here in Oz. So, the least we can do is be grateful and ensure we aren’t throwing out excess food. It also makes an unnecessary dint in our pockets and it contributes to land fill, producing greenhouse gases such as methane – yep, it’s not only cows that are responsible for this!!!

Rather than face days of turkey sandwiches and an overflowing bin of cold roast veg, we’ve nutted out five creative ideas to inspire a Boxing day cook-up…

Build yourself a Buddha bowl…

Buddha bowls are all the rage and rightly so. With endless possibilities, you can’t go wrong as long as you have a mixture of colours and textures. Try cooking up some brown rice or quinoa, arranging in a bowl then adding a section of shredded leftover turkey, ham or chicken, some cold roast veggies and some leftover salad. If you have some chutney leftover, put a dollop on top of your meat, sprinkle over some nuts or seeds and drizzle with your favourite dressing. Olive oil, balsamic and honey is delicious!

Fry up a frittata…

As long as you have eggs and leftovers, you can whip up the most amazing frittata in less than 15 minutes. Beat together a few eggs then mix with whatever meat and veg is left in the fridge. Season with salt and pepper and your favourite herbs and any cheese, such as fetta, haloumi or cashew, leftover from your Christmas day cheese board.

Go Italian with homemade pizza (cauliflower bases work well for a paleo style pizza)

Who doesn’t love pizza? And what goes on pizza? Meat, veggies and cheese! All typical leftover ingredients that can be chopped or shredded and sprinkled over your choice of base and tomato paste topping. Cauliflower rice mixed with spices, egg and grated cheese, is a popular base for those looking to lighten their digestive load after the indulgences.

Cook up some fritters…

Fritters than can be paired with salad or burger buns, are an excellent way to use up odds and ends. Arm yourself with some eggs, your milk of choice, flour or almond meal and an array of cold meat and veggies shredded or chopped very finely. If you have some fresh herbs on hand, add these in for extra flavour and nutrition. Use ghee or oil to fry them up and serve hot or cold with leftover chutney.

Whizz up a smoothie…

Finally, what’s one to do with all that leftover tropical summer fruit? It may be browning or going slightly mushy but once you freeze it, you’ll have the perfect addition to your morning smoothie. Smoothies are an excellent source of hydration and nutrition and will be very gentle on your stomach after all that excess food and alcohol from the day before. For more info on smoothies and some inspiring combination..check out the article here…(link to article smoothies as the perfect summer breakfast).

written by Emma H for go natural foods

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