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guilt-free platters for the party season

I’m just a little bit excited at the start of the silly season with early work Christmas parties, social outings and celebrations popping up left, right and centre. Even better if I get to whip up a party platter to take to one of these events. There are so many amazing foods available today that are full of natural and wholesome ingredients and are great (and very tasty) substitutes for the normal party fare.

Here are some healthy party food substitutes that we regularly stock which will wow your friends and colleagues and taste even better than their conventional party platter counterpart (well, we think so anyway!)

Create a colourful array of organic tropical fruits.
Mangoes, pineapple, papaya, cherries and dragonfruit are all very much in season. Pair the fruit with some gluten free Mary’s Gone Crackers seeded cracker, a jar of Nutty Bay Cashew Cheese and a bowl of activated roasted mixed nuts (these can be found in our bulk bin area) and you’ll be in finger food heaven!

Chips and dip is a sure fire winner.
 You won’t let anyone down offering a mix of Thomas Chipman Organic Sweet Potato Chips, Manomasa Manchego & Olive Corn Chips and Farmhouse Culture Sea Salt Krauty Chips; some chopped veggie sticks (for some added colour and nutrition); and a choice of Roza’s Gourmet Chargrilled Capsicum dip, Roza’s Gourmet Artichoke and Garlic dip and this very tasty recipe for Beetroot Hummus.

How about a full plate of individual sliders.
Our Paleo Slider Rolls have been a big hit and are grain, gluten AND dairy free. Some great filling combinations include Naked Byron Vegan Aoli atop crispy Backfatter’s bacon and slices of organic avocado or perhaps Aussie style with grass fed beef patties, grated carrot, avocado and some Ugly Duck Preserves’ Beetroot Relish – de-lish!

The combination of meat, cheese and marinated vegetables never fails to please.
A mix of Skara Artisan Smallgoods Prosciutto, MTP Nitrate Free Ham, Kehoes Organic Pickled Cucumber, Meredith Dairy Marinated Goats Cheese Feta, Cypress Ridge Produce Pickled Garlic, South Burnett Chilli Olives, Divine Dairy Organic Blue Cheese with a side of SOL organics crusty sourdough bread to be dipped in South Burnett Olive Oil and Pukara Caramelised Balsamic will make a super antipasto platter!!!

Of course we can’t forget about dessert!
Marci Food Biscottis in Fig and Pepperberry and Apricot and Seed paired with Barenuts Macadamia Butter, Divine Dairy Organic Camembert, Ugly Duck Preserves Jaboticaba Paste, Barefoot Farm Dark Chocolate Pecans and refreshing Sundowner apples. Yum!!

What about the drinks?
Instead of alcoholic beverages, why not try a refreshing, cold bottle of gut loving Bucha Kombucha or Kreol Sparkling Pro and Prebiotic drinks. In a wide variety of flavours, both options will satisfy a craving for sweet and bubbly and leave you feeling energised the next day! If you want a little extra kick with your kombucha, they perform pretty well in cocktail form. Some recipes here.

Here’s to being healthy and having fun!!!


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