Greens powders for immunity, wellness & gut health

Green Powders for Immunity, Wellness, and Gut Health

Green powders made from super greens like chlorophyll and spirulina are associated with a surprising array of health benefits. In our busy, modern lives, it’s not always possible to get the recommended nutrients we need to sustain optimum health and energy. Research has shown that green powders can support the immune system, gut health, and provide many other benefits associated with healthy living.

What Are Green Powders?

Green powders are nutritional supplements that may be made with one or a number of greens. These healthy greens can include: leafy greens such as spinach and kale, grasses like barley grass and wheatgrass, and herbs like holy basil and milk thistle. They may also include acai berries, seaweed, green cabbage, mushroom extracts, and green tea extract.

Each of these additions brings its own nutrients and their benefits to the mix. Some green powders may contain probiotics that support gut health. Others contain antioxidants that have been shown to support a wide range of health benefits. To make green powder supplements, producers will typically dry the ingredients before grinding them into powder form. They may juice or extract certain ingredients from natural sources before adding them to their mix.

Choosing Green Powders

When choosing a green powder supplement, you’ll want to take note of the product’s ingredients so you can choose a powder that’s ideal for your health needs. For instance, if you are coping with periodic gastrointestinal complaints, you’ll certainly want to find a powder that contains probiotics that are known to support gut health. Consider the following ingredients when you search for green powders so you can enjoy the nutritional and health benefits they provide.


Wheatgrass is a popular green powder additive because of its nutritional benefits. Wheatgrass is rich in vitamin A, C, and E–nutrients that are known to help reduce the risk for many diseases, including cancer and certain autoimmune diseases. With its powerful antioxidants, wheatgrass helps protect the body from oxidative stress that are associated with disease onset. Because wheatgrass is rich in vitamin C, it supports immune system function.


The gut contains many different microorganisms, some good and some not so good. When the bad micronutrients grow and outnumber the good ones, usually because of poor dietary choices, the result can be gastrointestinal complaints like bloating and indigestion. Probiotics are healthy microorganisms that help keep the bad bacteria in check. They help keep the gastrointestinal tract working smoothly. Probiotics are contained in yogurt and some fermented foods. However, if you don’t eat these foods on a regular basis, you can rely on probiotic-rich green powders.


Some blue-green algae like spirulina grows in both fresh and seawater. Rich in protein and B vitamins, spirulina has been called one of the most nutritious foods on earth. Spirulina features powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This allows spirulina to help guard against disease-causing oxidative stress. Research has also shown that spirulina can reduce bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and has anti-cancer properties. Many people take spirulina to help them manage glucose metabolism and diabetes.

Barley Grass

Barley grass is a major world cereal grass that’s featured in many powders, juices, and tablets. An excellent source of fiber, barley grass is thought to support heart health. It contains elements that can reduce blood pressure and inflammation. Some researchers believe that barley grass’s high fiber content can contribute to weight loss because it’s filling and low in calories. If, however, you have gluten sensitivities, you should talk to your healthcare provider before taking green powders containing barley grass or certain other cereal grains.


Chlorophyll is the pigment in plants that gives them their green color. But it is far more than a colorant. Chlorophyll offers many health benefits, including anti-aging properties. It slows the aging process by reducing free radicals that cause oxidative stress in parts of the body like the skin. In fact, some studies have shown that chlorophyll can have a positive impact on acne. Chlorophyll also contains blood-building and even wound-healing properties. Researchers are even performing studies that demonstrate chlorophyll’s cancer-fighting potential.


Green powders are known to contain leafy green vegetables too. While many people eat vegetables like spinach and parsley, they may not eat enough to enjoy the benefits they can provide. Parsley is rich in vitamin A, C, and K. Parsley can improve blood sugar, benefit heart health, and even support kidney health. Parsley promotes immune system function, bone health, and enhances liver health. It also has antibacterial properties that can help ward off infectious diseases.

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