Dandelion and Jing Adrenal Healing ‘Coffee’

This delicious caffeine-free morning brew not only tastes remarkably similar to coffee, it also gives you a burst of energy thanks to the addition of Superfeast Jing Mushrooms; a potent blend of 6 tonic herbs to support kidney and adrenal health. Unlike coffee, which is a stimulant and can leave your adrenals feeling taxed and burnt out, Jing can give you long term energy and stamina and help reduce stress and anxiety as you go about your busy day.

Makes 1 serve

what you need

1 Dandelion blend teabag or 1 heaped tsp ground dandelion (we used Kintra tea bags)
1 tsp Superfeast Jing Mushroom Powder
Optional extras:
100ml own choice milk (cow, oat, almond, soy or coconut)
Stevia, honey or maple syrup to taste

what to do
Brew up your dandelion teabag with approximately 250ml of hot water. If using the grounds, strain through a tea strainer or fine nut milk bag. Set aside.
Add in Jing mushroom blend and optional sweetener and stir well to dissolve.
If using a milk, heat milk in a small saucepan or froth in a milk frother until it becomes hot but not boiling.
Pour into Dandelion/Jing blend and serve immediately.
Feel the Jing energy power you through your busy morning.

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