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Why is it that many people can happily munch on tasty sourdough bread without any side effects but get seriously bloated after eating other bread types?

The answer is in the sourdough.

Rather than using commercial bakers yeast, sourdough culture is used as the raising agent for the bread. Sourdough culture has the super cool ability to reduce phytic acid, which is a common gut irritant in most bread. By reducing the phytic acid, valuable minerals held in the grain are also released. Without phytic acid or baker’s yeast, sourdough is both a tasty and healthful alternative for those with or without sensitivities.

Using all certified organic ingredients, Bill’s Organics Bakery allows its bread rise naturally during an extended fermentation period of 18 hours. This enables the development of beneficial lactic acid-producing bacteria that are also found in numerous other fermented foods. The resulting bread is full of flavour, nutrient dense, easier to digest and has a lower PH than it’s conventional counterparts.

Bill’s naturally leavened sourdough breads are also made from organic stoneground grains. The purpose of this older, slower method of milling grains is to retain the maximum nutrients available in the resulting flour. Stoneground flour is also easily assimilated by the body making it highly recommended by health professionals.

The care that Bill’s takes in creating their certified organic sourdough breads is evident in the sweet, tart flavour of the sourdough and dense texture of the bread.

Go Natural Foods currently stocks the following breads:

  • Power Protein Sourdough; a delicious blend of protein rich spelt, teff, buckwheat, millet and barley to deliver a super tasty and nutritionally superior loaf.
  • 100% Spelt Sourdough; a pure spelt loaf that’s
    rich in B vitamins, protein and fibre
  • Ancient Grains Super Seed Sourdough; made from Spelt and Khorasan with activated chia, quinoa and flaxseed
  • Hemp Low Carb (new): rich in all essential amino and fatty acids, like Omega 3 and 6 and is a complete source of protein
  • Khorasan Sourdough (new) :considered the “gentle grain” it is the ideal alternative for those with gut problems.

As we receive a fresh delivery of Bills bread on a regular basis, if there is a particular loaf that you wish to try or receive as a standard order, let us know and we can organise this to come in with our next in-store delivery.

Check out Bill’s Organic here, if you are interested in learning more about the bread making processes they use to create their tasty, healthy breads.

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