benefits to eating seasonally

As we move into summer, fragrant mangoes, juicy stone fruits and sweet pineapples take centre stage. The scent and flavour of these seasonal fruits are what remind us of warmer weather, leisurely trips to the beach and, of course, the delights of the festive season.

Choosing to eat foods in their seasons not only means you get to eat fresh produce at peak flavour but also comes with a whole range of benefits for our health and for the planet.

Nature is a marvellous thing and there is good reason for foods to be in season at different times of the year. The seasons can affect our skin, immunity and our emotions which can greatly influence our dietary needs and preferences. Eating seasonally available foods is a way of both protecting and nourishing our bodies and mind to manage the impacts each season brings.

other great reasons to eat with the seasons

nutritionally superior

Seasonal produce is harvested at its peak so will most often retain its full range of vitamins and minerals.  Produce that’s picked too early or is in storage for long periods of time, will lose nutrients and flavour very quickly. Did you know it’s not uncommon for conventional apples to be stored for up to a year after picking before making it to the supermarket shelves?

more flavour and freshness

Freshly picked fruit and vegetables that have been allowed to ripen in their natural seasonal environment are an pleasant assault on the senses…crisp, fragrant, juicy and colourful.  As a result of consumer demand for year-round availability, some fruits and vegetables can often be picked unripe and kept in cold storage to slow the ripening process. This process can disrupt the authenticity, flavour and nutrition of the produce.

better for the planet

A big contributor to the global carbon footprint is in food travel miles from farm to market to consumer. Choosing to purchase local and seasonal fare, will reduce the number of miles your food travels before it reaches your plate.

great for the budget

Apart from produce being more readily available and cheaper when in season, it costs more for producers to store and manage fruit and vegetables so they are available to us all year round. This can lead to increased prices at the checkout.

supports local farmers and businesses

Buying in season means you are also more likely to buy local Australian produce. Without the need for excessive travel and storage, the money can go directly to farmers, and the businesses that support them, to encourage a more sustainable food industry.

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