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ancient tonic for the modern gut _ love your guts water kefir

Being in sunny Queensland, we love a refreshing drink…….. all year round!!  At Go Natural Foods we also love a refreshing drink that is great for our health so we welcome the newest addition to  our store. Love Your Guts Co Water Kefir!

I first came across this brand in 2018 in a funky little organics store in Wynyard, Tasmania. The first flavour I tried was the elderflower and was so impressed that I proceeded to try the rest of the flavours every time I came across of bottle of Love Your Guts on my Tasmanian travels. Now we are lucky to get a little taste of Tasmania here in Hervey Bay.

Created from locally sourced, organic sugars and fruits with pure Tasmania spring water and using quality water kefir cultures, Love your Guts Co have come up with a beverage that not only tastes great but is full of probiotics, digestive enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

AND the flavours on offer are perfectly suited to our Queensland lifestyle. Raspberry and Mint, Passionfruit, Elderflower and Strawberry and Basil are just made for drinking out of a tall glass filled with ice (and maybe topped with a little umbrella?)

So what is water kefir, you may ask?

Love Your Guts tells us “water kefir is a fermented beverage that has been used by indigenous cultures over centuries and only recently been re-discovered by our modern society”. Along with other traditional fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha, kefir is becoming increasingly popular due to the powerful health benefits these foods possess.

Kefir is created using water kefir cultures called grains (although funnily they don’t actually contain any grain at all). These grains are made up of healthy bacteria and yeasts that work symbiotically with sugar and water. When left to ferment, the culture essentially feeds on or ferments the sugars in the mixture which then turns into an array of beneficial enzymes, minerals, acids and microorganisms.

Probiotics are strains of microorganisms that are found both naturally occurring in your digestive tract and in the foods and drinks we consume. These microorganisms form what’s called your ‘microbiome’, which is an army of microbes that protect us against germs, break down food to release energy and help us to absorb vitamins and minerals.  A healthy balance of probiotics can do wonders at improving the quality of our microbiome.

Basically you end up with a probiotic rich drink that can assist in improving your gut health by providing a boost to the good bacteria essential for optimal digestion and immunity.

Love Your Guts Co handcraft their water kefir in small batches to maximise the flavour and nutrition of each batch created, making this an excellent low sugar alternative to other widely available beverages.

Bring on the warmer months. Relaxing under the mango tree on a summer Sunday afternoon with a bottle of Strawberry and Basil sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

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