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5 ways to use……..new Vego hazelnut chocolate spread

If you are already a fan of the original Vego chocolate bar (considered one of the  yummiest vegan chocolate bars out there) you won’t be disappointed by their new tasty Vego hazelnut chocolate spread.

Made with organic hazelnuts, rich shea butter, raw cane sugar and the highest quality vanilla bean powder, each delicious mouthful is full of hazelnutty texture and crunch!

Of course, anything that tastes this good should be enjoyed as more than just a spread.

So, we thought of 5 fun ways to get the most of your Vego jar:

Dip into fresh strawberries or frozen banana chunks – for the ultimate dessert, try slightly melting a few tablespoons of spread then dipping either fresh strawberries or frozen banana chunks into the mix then putting in fridge or freezer to set.

Icing on the cake   a perfect ready-made icing to use on your vegan sponge cakes. Wait until your cake cools, then use a butter knife or spatula to spread evenly over your cake. So easy!

Chocolate milkshakes – make yourself a vegan milkshake.  Add 1 cup of non-dairy milk such as almond, hemp, coconut or rice into a high speed blender, throw in some ice cubes and a tablespoon of Vego Spread then blitz until frothy!!!

Chocolate chia pudding – take your chia pudding to the next level and melt a tablespoon of Vego spread (or two if you are feeling indulgent), mix together with your chia seeds and choice of milk and leave overnight in the fridge. Sprinkle with some shredded coconut and serve with raspberries for the ultimate breakfast.

Straight from the jar – this is our personal favourite. All you need is a spoon and the willpower not to finish the jar all in one go!

Don’t forget to lick your jar super clean at the end, peel off the label and it can then be used as a free Vego drinking glass. Top marks for sustainability!

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