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What’s not to love about a delicious home-made relish to accompany your burger, marmalade to slather on toast or fruit paste for your Friday arvo cheeseboard (come on you deserve it after that week of hard work!).

Slaving away for hours to create authentic preserves from fresh produce is awfully time-consuming, which is why Ugly Duck Preserves have done the hard work for you.

We are really excited about stocking Ugly Duck Preserves. They are a small Queensland business making a serious statement about food waste, the importance of supporting local producers and consuming fresh seasonal produce.  The products already taste great (always important!) but they taste even better when you know what you are eating is driven by making positive change in the world.

Based in South East Queensland, Ugly Duck Preserves hand craft small batches of product from scratch, using 100% Australian grown, seasonal produce.

Their strong ethos on waste prevention (its only inner beauty that counts) means they source direct from farms, adopting fruit and veg often rejected by big chain supermarkets due to its non-standard size, shape or colour. To them, taste and freshness is all that matters, odd shapes and sizes do not.

Ugly Duck Preserves do not add any preservatives, colours or flavours to their products and are proudly vegan and gluten free.  Although not certified organic, they source pesticide free produce where possible. Some farms even use beneficial insects to control pests. Less non-organic methods of farming means more nutrition and less chemicals in the delicious preserves.

Currently we stock the following pastes for cheeseboard, jams and marmalade for your toast and relishes and chutney to have with everything in between. 

Production is based on the availability of seasonal produce, so the flavours available in-store may change at different times of the year.

Fruit Pastes

Plum Chilli Paste
Quince Paste
Pear Pink Pepper Paste
Apple Rosemary Jelly
Jaboticaba Paste
Fig Fennel Paste

Fruit Spreads

Carrot with Ginger
Plum Cinnamon Fruit Spread
Nectarine Turmeric Fruit Spread
Rhubarb Strawberry Fruit Spread
Pineapple Fruit Spread


Orange Marmalade
Ruby Grapefruit Marmalade
Lemon Marmalade
Orange Coffee Marmalade


Beetroot Rhubarb Relish
Aussie Stone Fruit Chutney

Image courtesy of Ugly Duck Preserves

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